Phaedrus Latin Contest
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Contest Rules

  1. A 100- to 200- word original fable in Latin.
  2. Submit an English translation of the submitted piece.
  3. Compositions are graded based on the student's ability to accurately use Latin vocabulary and forms of speech, the student's creativity in subject matter and writing style.
  4. The student must be 13-18 years old.
  5. One entry per student per year.
  6. Entries must be submitted via the Contests internet-based program.
  7. Students may make free use of any Latin dictionary, Latin grammar, or other resource. Students should, however, keep in mind that Smith's English-Latin Dictionary and Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition are the standards for this contest.
  8. The fable must be original in its entirety, not a reworking of an existing fable in Latin or any other language. If a fable seems too close to any existing fable, it will automatically be disqualified without explanation.
  9. The composition must be solely the work of the student participating in the contest. A teacher or instructor may NOT write any part of the fable, even in correcting a mistake. Contestants may NOT submit a composition that was written in cooperation with another person.
  10. Students are allowed to submit their composition to a teacher or instructor for feedback one time, but teachers or instructors may only give two kinds of help: first, they may indicate the presence of an error by circling the entire word that is in error; second, they may indicate that the error is one of the following general types of grammatical error: case, number, gender, tense, voice, mood, person, spelling, or verb-formation. If any help beyond this is suspected, the submission will be disqualified.

Judging Timeline

  • New Saint Andrews College faculty will oversee the final judging process and name winners by May 1, 2017, in time for you to provide year-end recognition for your students' achievements.